Veterinary services: Visit Hestatannlæknirinn ehf - Sonja Líndal on Facebook for further information. 


Courses: We offer courses, clinics, seminars, individual tuition and training assistance to riders of all levels in Europe, Iceland and here at Lækjamót. We aim to provide stimulating, exciting and actionable teaching, knowledge that you can take home with you and use to keep improving your horsemanship. 


Boarding: We offer boarding for breeding mares, youngsters and stallions. The farm is vast so our horses roam free and get strong, fit and sure-footed in the challenging terrain. We take care of your horse as it is our own.


Training: We have decades of tradition of training excellence by qualified horsemen. Our facilities are good and the care and training offer the best of traditional methods, but yet completely up to date with modern developments.


Horses for sale: Let us find you the horse of your dreams or come to Iceland and find your horse with our help. We continually strive for fairness in our dealings. A fairly treated customer always comes back, and many have become our friends - we´d like you to be one.


If you have any other needs or requirements, please don´t hesitate to contact us. You´d be surprised at what we can do!

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