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Vík frá Lækjamóti  



A unique opportunity to buy a talented 1st price 9 year old breeding mare, pregnant with Skýr frá Skálakoti. (60 day embryo confirmed on the 15th of July.) Skýr is one of Iceland's top stallions with great success in both sport and gæðingakeppni. He got 1st price for offspring at Landsmót 2018. 


Vík is an exciting five gaited breeding mare with long strides and high action. She got 8.30 for riding abilities as a 4 year old in breeding show at Landsmót 2014. She got f.x. the score of 8.5 for tölt and pace and 9.0 for spirit and the total score of 8.08, as a 4 years old. Video is available in WorldFengur or through messenger. 


Vík is after Ómur frá Kvistum, a winner of A-flokkur at Landsmót and honorary price stallion for offspring. 


It is possible to export Vík this fall or keep her at Lækjamót and breed with her in Iceland.


Price: 22.000 €


Skuggi frá Lækjamóti



F: Spuni frá Vesturkoti (total 8.92)

M: Sigurrós frá Lækjamóti (total 8.17)


Young stallion for sale after the honorary price stallion Spuni frá Vesturkoti. BLUP 122! Real TÖLT machine. Video available. 


Price: 9000 €








Steggur frá Lækjamóti 



F: Kiljan frá Steinnesi (8,78)

M: Gildra frá Lækjamóti

MF: Andvari frá Ey (8,36)


Steggur is a good looking four year old gelding. He has supple neck, strong overline and overall a good conformation. He is well educated and as the potential to improve a lot with more training. Ridden in tölt and trot and knows the basics in exercises. Video available. 


Price: 3.300 €



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